2020 RHA of TN Hill Day

Tennessee Voices Louder.

  • The Hospital Fee was enacted.  This 4.5% fee on for-profit hospitals’ net income will create over $800 million dollars for funding health care services.  Some of these services include:  no limits on hospital stays; no limits on physician visits; no limits on physician outpatient visits; graduate medical education and restoration of transportation services; and many more services.
  • An additional $82 million dollars is expected to be refunded to TennCare from the Social Security Administration for overpayments made by Tennessee.  These funds will provide additional services similar to the Hospital Fee funding but on a smaller scale.
  • The Perinatal Grant funds  ($2.2 million) were restored in the TennCare budget.  This restoration occurred the last week of the session.
  • The Board of Nursing was continued to June 2016, with a reduced number of board members and a reduction in the number of years each board member can serve on the board.

SJR58 encourages the departments of Mental Health and Health to develop a model of integrated health to be expanded in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth was extended to June 2016.

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